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Ethics and advice on research integrity

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University of Oulu ethics working group


    The ethics working group’s tasks include, among other things, sparking discussion about the university’s values and ethical questions and finding ways of making these values visible in the university’s work.

    During the current term, 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2021, its special duties are:

    Promotion of education and training on ethics and research integrity at the University of Oulu
    Ethical questions relating to open science and research.

    Members of the ethics working group:

    Mervi HeikkinenChairperson, University Researcher, Faculty of Education
    Anne KeränenVice Chairperson, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Oulu Business School
    Aija Ryyppö, Quality Manager, Unit for Strategy and Science Policy
    Aki Manninen, University Researcher, Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
    Sirpa Aalto, Research Coordinator, Faculty of Humanities
    Hely Häggman, Professor, Faculty of Science
    Minna Ruddock, Research Director, Faculty of Medicine
    Riitta Keiski, Dean, Faculty of Technology
    Satu Pitkäaho, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Faculty of Technology
    Heidi Huttunen, Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources Services
    Minna Soini-Kivari, Primary Teacher Student, Deputy Member 
    Antero Metso, Medical Student, Student Union of the University of Oulu
    Pertti TikkanenSecretary, Head of Strategy Planning, Unit for Strategy and Science Policy


    The ethics working group’s meeting minutes are available on the ethics working group website.

    Previous ethics working group website


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    Secretary of the ethics working group:

    Pertti Tikkanen, Unit for Strategy and Science Policy

    Research ethics support persons: 

    Heidi Huttunen, Human Resources

    Minna Ruddock, Faculty of Medicine

    Satu Pitkäaho, Faculty of Technology

    Mervi Heikkinen, Faculty of Education