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Accessibility statement


This is the accessibility statement of the University of Oulu’s intranet service. The accessibility statement pertains to the website and it has been prepared on 18 November 2019.  

The Patio intranet is governed by the Act on the Provision of Digital Services (Laki digitaalisten palvelujen tarjoamisesta), which requires that public online services be accessible.

The accessibility of the Patio intranet has been assessed as an internal evaluation.  The possibility of commissioning an external evaluation of the Patio intranet will be considered in 2020. 

Accessibility status of the digital service

The Patio intranet meets the critical accessibility requirements. 

Non-accessible contents of the digital service (according to the WCAG criteria)

Non-accessible contents and their shortcomings: Attachments uploaded to the Patio intranet are not fully accessible. Attachments are rendered accessible when the contents of the file are updated. 

Reason for non-compliance: disproportionate burden. 

There are also some videos (embedded) on intranet which are not accessible. The accessibility requirements apply to videos starting from 23.9.2020. 

If you face challenges with attachments or videos, please let us know by using the contact information below.

Did you notice accessibility shortcomings in our digital service? Let us know and we will do our best to remedy the shortcomings

Please email us with accessibility feedback at 

Regulatory authority

If you notice any accessibility issues on the site, please give us, i.e. the webmaster, feedback first. Getting a reply may take 14 days. If you are not satisfied with the reply or you do not receive a reply within two weeks, you can report the issue to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland (page is in Finnish). The website of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland provides detailed instructions for submitting a notification and how the issue will be processed.

Regulatory authority's contact information

Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland
Unit for accessibility control
switchborad: 0295 016 000