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Development discussion guide for line managers

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Carrying out development discussions


  1. Unit goal discussion to review the unit’s operations, productivity and goals on the basis of the target and performance negotiations (along with the results of the wellbeing survey and development needs). 
  2. Individual development discussion to discuss goals, wellbeing at work and competence as well as competence needs connected to any changes.  
    • The previous year’s goals are reviewed and new goals are set for the current year. 
    • A work plan for the total working time is drawn up.  
    • Evaluate the levels of persons (the employee completes the forms for evaluation before discussion)
      • the levels of which have not been confirmed
      •  for any person whose duties have undergone a significant change necessitating re-evaluation of the requirements
      • In Mepco, forms are always initiable, they are not specifically ordered or asked to open.
  3. Unit head’s summary of the development discussions 

Spesific instructions