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23.3.2020 14:50

The location of RAE2020 is changed in Patio

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The new location of RAE2020 Patio page is

​RAE2020 Support materials for RUs ​ are now located in

Direct new links to RAE2020 information event (March 17th, 2020) materials:

Direct new links to  RAE2020 support materials of bibliometric analyses:​

  • RAE2020 Overview of bibliometric analyses (slides)​
  • RAE2020 Bibliometric analyses performed by CWTS (slides | video recording)​
  • RAE2020 Bibliometric analyses performed by Oulu University Library (slides)​

​The Bibliometrics  eam of Oulu University  Library provides support for interpreting the bibliometric analyses for each RU. 
 More information at Patio news

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