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29.6.2020 8:12

Working in hot circumstances

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Due to the extended heat wave some work spaces may exceed the limit of working in hot circumstances which is 28 degrees celcius. In this case the employees shall take breaks every 50 minutes and take care of sufficient drinking of water or other liquids. Even if the temperature is not above the limit, sufficient frequency of breaks and drinking of liquids shall be taken care of. One can even consider working in spaces which are airconditioned or otherwise more cool.

Other hints th eFinnish Institute of Occupational Health gives (pages only available in Finnish) are:

  • Get accustomed to heat
  • Drink sufficiently
  • Eat many kinds of food
  • Take breaks, more in physically heavy work tasks
  • Use cooling devices, create draught, take cool showers, spend time in airconditioned spaces
  • Let body recover at night
  • Remember that some medical conditions and medicines reduce ability to bear with heat
  • Be even more moderate than normally in use of alcohol
  • Dress according to work
  • Know your health condition
  • Take care of your physique.

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