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14.2.2020 13:29

What is happening in the EU and why it is in the interest of the Universities?

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European Commission has published a work program for 2020 outlining the actions it intends to take over the next 12 months. Commissions five-year strategy and the annual work program goes hand-in-hand with the Horizon Europe program. 

According to the  five-year strategy, during the coming years EU will focus on the reforms required by the ecological and digital transition, including social dimension and social change. The strategy's six general priorities are:

  • European Green Deal
  • Europe fit for the digital age
  • An economy that works for people
  • Promoting our European way of life
  • A stronger Europe in the World
  • A new push for European democracy

These priorities determine where EU funds will be channeled and what value issues will be addressed in the EU.

2020 work program includes proposals and initiatives with a direct link to research at the University of Oulu.

For example The Green Deal, Europe's green development program that will be launched later this year, covers a broad spectrum of society and aims to exploit research and new innovations in areas such as technology, circular economy, construction, energy and transport. In addition, Commission intends to put forward a European Climate Law to translate the 2050 carbon neutrality target into legislation, including initiatives to combat biodiversity loss.

To mention few others, Commission intends to present an action plan on cancer, as well as analyzing how new demographic realities and changes are affecting to our societies, for example, employment, public health and digitalisation, and responding to these changes by delivering a proposal for an action on aging populations.

During this year Commission will launch a new European data strategy aimed at making the most of the potential of digital information and renewed industrial strategy to strengthen EU industry and its capacity for innovations.

Universities knowledge is the key to sustainable high-quality policy making and regulation across policy areas. By actively participating in EU decision-making, we are engaged in developing research priorities and responding to future challenges, such as climate change and health crises. In addition, EU’s strategies, ambitions and actions has direct influence to what kind of work programs and funding calls will open in the coming years.

For more information:

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