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Oulun yliopiston ja Oulun ammattikorkeakoulun yhteinen yrittäjyystoiminta vakiinnutetaan osaksi korkeakoulujen perustoimintaa.
6.2.2020 17:08

University website will be renewed – come along!

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The NextGen website project is about to start. We will concentrate on collecting needs and ideas around the university during the first month or so.

The university website means the public web service on

NextGen base camp opens on Monday 10 February

We have reserved a space for engaging personnel and students and sharing info about this project.

This space (KE1002) is located at the central lobby, next to orange coat rack.

map of the central lobby

There will be open hour sessions from Feb 10 to Feb 27. These are open for everyone! You can get information about the project and participate in innovating the new webservice. The first open hour session will be on Monday 10 at 14-15, after that open hour session are from Monday to Thursday at 11.30-13.

NextGen base camp provides also a space for workshops. We invite people from different units and services to take part to these workshops. At the workshops we work with scenarios to create visions about the future webservice.

We hope to see many of you at the base camp. However, it will possible to participate via a digital channel which will be shared next week.

NextGen – designing a new webservice with user in the center

The objective of the project is to develop the digital communications towards more community building, user serving and socially effective. In practice, this could mean for example that the user finds the information he/she is looking for easily.

The project will also consider accessibility matters. Web accessibility increases the potential website users and user satisfaction, improves search engine visibility and decreases website administrations costs.

University strategy highlights user-centered digital services and development of digital communication based on user data and indicators. University’s public website is one part of digital services.

Next steps for the project

Communications, marketing and public relations unit is in charge of the NextGen webservice project. Our partner is Exove.

The first month or so we will be working on the planning of this big project and for that we are using the materials gathered at the base camp. We will share more detailed plans and timetable on March – roughly the project will be ongoing until the end of 2021. Even though we are creating new, our goal is to keep and use all the good development and content work that has been done with units for the past couple of years. 

Welcome to join to build the web service for the next generation!


Contant persons:

  • Susanna Saarinen
  • Jaana Sandqvist

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