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28.7.2020 9:50

Temporary ban on the use of Tietotalo's E-ladder on the morning of 3. August 2020

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On August 3, 2020, Empower Oy will perform base station work for Telia Finland Oyj in Linnanmaa, more specifically Erkki Koiso - Kanttilankatu 5, Department of Electricity, Information and Telecommunications Technology (Tietotalo). In the contract, base stations will be added to the engine room roof and a base station stand will be added to the engine room. Due to the measures, the equipment needed for the roof of the engine room will be lifted by a crane in front of the E-ladder and due to this the area will be demarcated with a flag line during the lifts. The contract has no other effect on Tietotalo's users than passing the E-ladder at the time of lifting. Lifting is expected to begin in the morning at 8:30 p.m. The lifting range is limited to about 2 hours.

For more information on the contract, please contact Jani Kokko / 040 6417743

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