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23.6.2020 12:10

New community platform for the alumni of the University of Oulu

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The University of Oulu keeps in touch with its graduates through the alumni community. The former alumni network is now called UniOulu Alumni Community. All members of the previous alumni network have been invited to join the new alumni community. Hundreds of alumni have already activated their profiles on the community platform. The alumni community is a free and open service for all alumni who have graduated from the different faculties of the University of Oulu. Staff members who have graduated from the University of Oulu are warmly welcome to join.


Why is the alumni community important?

A natural bond with students is created during studying and we want to stay connected with them in the future as they move on to working life. Alumni are a valuable group of friends and supporters of the university, as well as an important audience for the communication about the university's activities and services. They provide us with important information, expertise and valuable feedback. The university wants to remain as an interesting partner for alumni in both research and education.

Alumni are always welcome to our open events to network and as guests on campus. Encountering alumni and students in different contexts in the everyday life creates a warm community spirit and brings living examples of possible career paths to students ’awareness. At the same time, alumni stay up-to-date on their own field of education and get updated information and ideas for their own career.

New graduates are invited to join the community in congratulatory messages introducing alumni activities. It is worth supporting a student's growth as an alumn as part of their studies. This way, the concept and meaning of alumn is already familiar at the time of graduation.

UniOulu Alumni Community

  • acts as a common platform between the university and alumni
  • is an interdisciplinary community with alumni members from all faculties of the University of Oulu
  • gathers alumni contact and job information in the same environment
  • provides a channel for faculties and degree programs to search and request information about their alumni and their job titles for career guidance, student councelling, or alumni events
  • is a channel to provide alumni with a university newsletter, information and invitations regarding their own field, such as event invitations, surveys, calls for action or information on continuous learning.

The graduates of the University of Oulu are invited to create a personal profile in the community when joining and they can also communicate with other alumni. It’s possible to communicate through the public live feed, with a private message and by creating a public event.

The most effective means of communication for alumni are the messages that the Alumni Relations can send by request by e-mail or traditional mail (anniversary events etc). 


If you have been a member of the previous alumni network, you have received an invitation to the new UniOulu Alumni Community in May based on your previous membership. Upon joining the community the alumni staff members can choose both clusters “Alumni” and “UniOulu staff member”. This is not mandatory, but is valuable information for other alumni, especially if you are sometimes planning to communicate topics related to your own work.
If you haven't been a member of the previous network, you can join the new community here (select request invitation).

See you in the community!

The UniOulu Alumni Community consists of graduates of the University of Oulu. If you have not graduated from the University of Oulu, but because of your work duties you are interested in the community, please contact the Alumni Relations.

For more information on alumni activities and the community platform, please contact:
Riitta Arffman, Alumni Coordinator

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