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24.6.2020 12:26

The leasing exchanges Q2 and Q3 / 2020 of IT devices are approaching

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The leasing period of IT devices is three years. When the leasing period of the rented IT device is approaching its end, a user who have been marked as a user of the device, will get a message by email. The message will be sent by the finance company 3 Step IT.

The users to whom the exchange applies this time, have got a pre-notice from ICT Services of the university. At the beginning of July, they will get a message from 3 Step IT. They have about three weeks to ask for the acquisition permission from their own unit and to order a new device.

The message sent by 3 Step IT should not be interpreted as spam! The link to 3ChooseIT service is given in the message and the user is expected to choose a new device from given alternatives in the service.

Later the supplier Tietokeskus will contact the user in order to arrange the time of delivery. The messages sent by Tietokeskus must not be interpreted as spam either!


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