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25.3.2020 8.53 - 28.3.2020 16.00


Moodle trainings on Week 13 and Moodle instruction videos



We offer Moodle trainings during week 13. Join the training here.  
Registrations in Staff Training Portal.


Wednesday 25.3. at 9-10
Moodle's Quiz activity (in English) (in Zoom room)

In the Moodle Quiz activity, the teacher has several different question types that can be assessed automatically. Quiz activity can be used during the course for different purposes from student activation to assessment.

The course introduces you to the Quiz Activity in Moodle and how you can use Quiz Activity in your own Moodle course. NB. Moodle Quiz activity is not the same as the Exam system.

Wednesday 25.3. at 14-15
Moodle Advanced 2 (in English) (in Zoom room)

The course introduces you how to add videos to a Moodle course, how add and use groups in a Moodle course, how to use automatic student progress tracking and grading in a Moodle course.

Moodle Instruction videos:

See also Moodle instruction videos:

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